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Sep 05, 2006


Geof F. Morris

My best in all your new endeavors, Ed. :)

Ed Batista

Thanks, Geof--right back at you. I just saw your latest post--how's that for irony? I hope you land the proposal!


Bob Walsh

Hi Ed,

IMO, while you may see yourself changing focus in a major way, I don't think you are. The bedrock truth of the first part of the twenty first century is we need new tools, new ways of managing and new ideas to cope with the 3rd wave: coaching and change management consulting are just another facet of the same beast.

Good luck, and like I said over at attentionTrust, job well done! I'm adding your blog to my 20% who matters folder in feeddemon.

Ed Batista

Thanks, Bob--very thought-provoking. It's certainly interesting to think about the parallels between the nonprofit management work I've done in the past and the coaching and consulting I'll be doing going forward. And I like the idea that I'll be addressing similar underlying issues from a new perspective.

Some aspects of that new perspective will definitely feel different--working for myself rather than being affiliated with an organization, for example. But just as I see a continuity between my desire to coach and the helping impulse that led me to first get involved with nonprofits, perhaps I'll find other, similar threads that connect this next stage of my career with the chapters that came before.

Thanks for the kind words--much appreciated.


Sean Ammirati

Ed, Best of luck! You've done a great job leading attention trust & I'm sure you'll be very successful in your new endeavors.

- Sean

Ed Batista

Thanks, Sean--I appreciate it. I just checked out your site and look forward to reading more.


Marnie Webb

Congrats on this change, Ed. I've found your blog, lately, to be a terrific opportunity to reflect on practice. I look forward to more of it.

Ed Batista

Thanks, Marnie--the transition seems to have unleashed a lot of creative energy, and I've really enjoyed wrestling with these topics lately. And I really appreciate the feedback!


Myles Weissleder

Hey Ed!

Congrats on your forward motion!!



Ed Batista

Thanks, Myles--I appreciate it! I look forward to staying in touch--


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