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Jan 11, 2007


Steve Pearce

Soft startups, hard startups - just get started! I'm becoming more and more aware of the significance of the conversations each and every one of us avoids every day. We play them out in our minds before a word has been spoken - usually worst case scenario prevails - and use this as an excuse to slip back into inertia. I made it a resolution this year to start some conversations I've avoided for too long. To be honest, the results of some haven't been pretty. But at least there's a real life, real time connection; the prospect of progress. What conversations are you avoiding right now?

Great blog, Ed, which I've enjoyed stumbling on tonight!


You have addressed a much need area in life. Every now and then we come across situation, which require "difficult conversation". I am going to keep your advice in mind and try to practice it. Thank you very much for the wonderful post.


Ed Batista

Steve: You're absolutely right--I think most of us have some difficult conversations we're avoiding or putting off, and there's usually something valuable to be gained by taking a chance and diving in. That said, I think our chances of having a successful, productive and positive interaction go up dramatically by investing a little time and effort in a soft startup. Thanks for the kind words!

Sham: Thanks as well--it's much appreciated. I do want to point out that these ideas aren't original to me--I'm merely adapting J. Bailey Molineaux's synthesis of John Gottman's research conclusions. Standing on the shoulders of giants, and all that ;-)


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