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Mar 22, 2009


Epic Living

Great post Ed. Sometimes he does "make us lie down in green pastures" to open our eyes. My father passed away a couple of months ago and that same reality rings true with mourning.

Hope you and your wife get to feeling better soon.

Ed Batista

Thanks, Eric. In a similar vein, I've found your pieces on your father very moving. There's just so much to learn when life leaves us flat on our backs (literally and/or figuratively).

Paul Hebert

I'm happy that you're drinking real Martinis - not the fake "vodka" ones! Get really well soon!

Andrea Corney

So even when you are sick you are capable of writing an exquisite piece on your learning! Does writing this post qualify as "being" or "doing"? ;-)

Ed Batista

Thanks, Paul. I'm not 100% recovered yet, but I'm well enough to have had a Martini last night before dinner--a way of asserting myself against this lingering cold, I suppose.

And I had to do something to keep from climbing the walls, Andrea! :-)

Pauline Esson

Hello Ed,
I'm reading your post from my sickbed, considering adding whisky to my honey and lemon. Glad you're out the other end with gin in sight.

I enjoyed your post and wish you well with adding stillness to your life. However, given that you say you struggle with being still, I hope it is effective for you.

I spent a year in a group, exploring and establishing spiritual practises that suit us as part of William Bloom's course in holistic spirituality and spiritual companionship. For some, no matter their commitment to integrate a still practise, it just didn't suit them plus they were beating themselves regularly for their failure to be still.
In their case attempted spiritual practise resulted in negative thoughts and not a hoped for endorphin in sight. Not quite the plan.

Deep inside of running, as you describe, there's a stillness, deep inside of 5 rhythms dancing for me, there's a stillness.

This is the first of your posts I've ever read and I like you already and wouldn't like to see you struggle if it turns out not to be your thing.

I've experimented with many ways of connecting, lot's of them still and others active.

I've come across one recently which I've really been enjoying from Mark Silver. He calls it The Rememberance and is done sitting still whilst repeating a word which I find helps occupy you just enough.

May I take the liberty of leaving you an unsolicited link for it (no affiliate schemes) in case you'd like to try it.
The rememberance.

Best wishes for the last bit scratchy throat going toot sweet,


Ed Batista

Thanks, Pauline--I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and I appreciate the kind words. And not to worry--I don't believe in pursuing practices that aren't a good fit for me (nor do I believe in beating myself up because I'm not a good fit for them!)

Mark Silver's work looks interesting--thanks for the reference.

I enjoyed your recent post on dealing with book-clutter. (I also have multiple books going at once, until I finally settle into one--although I'm never really "finished" with a book until it works its way into a blog post.)

Hope you're out of your own sickbed soon!

Amy Wright

I'm still not able to indulge in Martinis, and probably won't be able to until May, but at least we can linger over a nice dinner again!

Ed Batista

Yes, like shrimp cakes! Mmmmmmm.


Such a great post. I've been kind of sick with a cold, sore throat, ear infection, etc. for three weeks. I'm experience several of the feelings you've mentioned here.


experienced, that is ... sorry for the typo.

Ed Batista

I'm sorry you're sick, Tamara. For what it's worth, 1) the pleasure I derive from Martinis, exercise and being outdoors has only increased since my recovery, 2) I continue to wrestle with the challenge of stillness--but I know that'll be a lifelong struggle for me, and 3) what I learned from reflecting on old age, infirmity and mortality as a result of my sickness has stuck with me--I wish the learning hadn't been so painful, but that probably wasn't possible. I hope you're feeling better soon.

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