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Mar 05, 2010


Jenifer Olson

Hi Ed, My prayers and condolences to you and Amy on the loss of her father. And welcome back... I, for one, have missed you. And, at the literal end of the literal day, isn't that really what really matters most? Not "accomplishments" per se, but people who miss you, your spirit, your presence? Reach for the sun - it's still there and is just waiting for you to look up. :-)

Jenifer @jenajean

Ed Batista

Thanks for the kind words, Jenifer--I truly appreciate it. And I fully agree that connections with people mean much more than "accomplishments."

Epic Living

My prayers are with Amy and you...


Sorry for your loss. Wishing you peace on your journey.


Thanks, Eric and Dean--I really appreciate it.


thank you for giving us this touching and deeply personal perspective. as someone who continues to aspire to your level of overall mindfulness, awareness, and insight, i am repeatedly grateful for your humility, self-examination, and ability to teach simply by sharing.
my best to you and amy.


Thanks for the very kind words, Jackie--I appreciate it. And I'll try to live up to such high praise! :-)

Jennifer Manton

Ed please accept our sympathy and celebration of the life of your beloved. Each moment is a transition and an opportunity for reflection, response and change.

Take time to celebrate the life of Mr. Wright and keep expressing your emotions. To write is to heal and healing takes time.


Jennifer Manton


Thanks, Jennifer--I appreciate it. Writing is definitely healing, and it's been good to get back to it.

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