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Dec 01, 2011


Augustine Paz

Thanks, Ed, for taking a real world experience and imbuing it with an valuable reflection on Mental models. I also appreciate the personal application of the reflection to your changed approach to public speaking.

Since I've recently been reading about social cognition as part of organizational thinking your reflection also prompted me to reflect on the challenge of navigating the maze of organizational settings that consist of group mental models which usually aren't as "fixed" as they may seem!


Long time, no see, Augustine--I'm reminded of the 2002 Nonprofit Technology Conference (aka the Roundup way back then.) Terrific memories of a great experience.

Thanks for your comment--very thought-provoking. I think you're absolutely right to point out the power of the group dynamic. Group mental models (including those models we *believe* are held by those around us) are even more influential and harder to challenge than our individual models.

I'm also struck by the idea of the organization as a corn maze; we mistake the "designated paths" for literal walls and act accordingly.

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