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Feb 27, 2013


James Strock

Terrific thoughts. Seems as though the fundamental point is your second: boundaries. How that one concept can change so many things.... Thanks for a thought-provoking post....


Thanks, James. I agree that boundaries are critical, and our ability to manage them in a dysfunctional environment is particularly important--even if it's just developing the ability to stop ruminating about the situation and focus our energy elsewhere.

Pamela Wilson Lipscomb

I often struggle with my inability to make a change in the world around me. I watch and read too much news! I must guard myself from becoming toxic, as I live in a toxic environment. We are not Gods, but we can become beacons, that shine a light in one small place, at a time. So important is the theme in the Serenity Prayer, know the different between what we can control and what we cannot, will save us a lot of frustration.


Thanks, Pamela. I agree that it's essential to prevent a toxic environment from poisoning us, and this requires us to change what we can without becoming overwhelmed by trying to change too much. Your image of "becoming a beacon, shining a light in one small place at a time" is a beautiful metaphor to bear in mind as we try to strike this balance.

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