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Feb 24, 2013



Thanks for this - I needed it today.

I am a serial self-injurer, pushing myself hard until pain stops me, learning (struggling!) to rest, recovering, and then when I don't feel the pain any more, doing it all over again. Today I reinjured a hip muscle while running, and this post helped me see the wisdom of having more than two gears.

I'll take that away and noodle it.

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with too.


You're welcome, Vickie--I'm glad to know it was helpful. Some keys for me in this process have been:

- Exploring why I was pushing so hard. I was quite physically active and feeling very healthy at the end of the year--what was I hoping to achieve by working out harder? I had taken a break from writing in the fall, but December and early January were very productive--why did I feel the need to do more?

- Recognizing that new problems may require new solutions, even when they look quite similar to old problems. The lower back pain I experienced in the late '90s was entirely stress-related, and the solution was managing my stress + pushing past the pain to keep active. The upper back pain I'm experiencing now is certainly exacerbated by stress, but because it's initial cause is nerve damage and irritation, I need to listen to, not push past it.

- Giving myself (even more) permission to say "No" and to prioritize. Since this happened I've turned down opportunities that would have been rewarding and I've been slower to respond to requests because I realized that I had to prioritize my health and healing. I've gained a lot of experience in setting boundaries over the past few years, but I've had to kick it up a notch, because the calculus has changed: Right now I have less energy and capacity, and I have to respect those new limits if I'm going to heal.

Hope your own healing goes well.

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