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May 07, 2005


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» Are Blogs Dead? from Influence
Ed Batista had a great post the other day, stating that Blogs are Obsolete. His basic point is that a blog is just a web site that has certain qualities, so do we have to keep saying Blog? It's a great post, and I completely agree - you don't need a "blo [Read More]



Ed, this is so right on. It's exactly what I've been trying to say to my colleagues who think they have a "blog." Just calling it one doesn't make it so.

When I do presentations (and elevator speeches), I define blogs as having the following characteristics:
1. first-person voice -> authenticity
2. dialog (either between blogs and/or in the comments)
3. database back-end (enabling archives and syndication)
4. (or 3.5) permanently available archives

Anyway, thanks for articulating a fresh perspective on what is getting to be a slightly stale topic.


Thanks, Ruby--and you make a great point that I take up in my latest post.

Eric Thom

YES< YES< YES< you are right!
It is HOW you use those tools that matters.
Even more interesting is knowing what tools exsist, on message for instance says to me I am in the right place if I am reading something I was searching for in the first place.
The MyST paltform was a gamble from the start that is and will continue to payoff.
Bill French has won and very few know it yet when they elude to certain "catch phrases" being dead.
Try looking under and into (mind) the hood once in a while, you would be surprised what you (revolutionary) might find that would present a good argument for the term "blog"
BTW, dont you reffer to your "weblogs" to find out HOW well your communication so to speak is coming across (traffic) via your "WEBSITE"?

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